Advanced Worker Rehab

Job-specific therapy for efficient return-to-work

Primus System

Protecting your employees' health
Retaining employees and promoting wellness in the workplace have never been more important. To keep your workforce healthy, you need objective task analysis, task simulation, and ergonomic training for safe and effective performance of job tasks. Advanced Worker Rehab is a total solution for the physical health of employees.

Task-based job simulation
Help your injured workers build strength and recover fully with treatment that is based on simulating critical, integrated tasks from their actual job.

What makes Advanced Worker Rehab different
This new program is based on our unique ability to identify job tasks, and then simulate them in the clinic as realistically as possible. Accurate job simulation helps workers regain strength, and boosts confidence in their ability to do the job safely again. It all starts on day one of a Workers' Comp referral, and continues into a special work conditioning program when appropriate, including:

  • Job-specific rehab and/or prehab
  • Objective progress and outcome data
  • Body mechanics training for early intervention

Not just for injuries: new hire job coaching
Advanced Worker Rehab is more than therapy for injured workers. With the tight labor market, hiring "ready to work" employees is a challenge – especially for physically demanding jobs. Advanced Worker Rehab teaches new hires proper body mechanics through job simulation. The result is improved productivity and reduced injury risk. A few short job simulation/coaching sessions can go a long way in reducing your Workers' Comp costs.

Advanced Worker Rehab for your employees
We offer a complete program that develops a customized therapy routine, and clearly matches job demands. With Advanced Worker Rehab, your employees will get better job training, injury prevention, and rehab for a safer and faster return-to-work.

For more information about what makes Advanced Worker Rehab the leading job-specific employee rehabilitation program, visit our partners at BTE.

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