Jaw Pain Disorders

Stephanie Stremick

Stephanie Stremick is a Licensed Master Physical Therapist at Rehab4Life. She graduated from The University of Mary, Bismarck.  Stephanie has special interest in treatment of TMD and has completed the TMD and Orofacial Pain Mini-Residency at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry.

  • Team approach working closely with the referring dentist and/or oral surgeon
  • Will benefit individuals of all ages
  • Thorough biomechanical evaluation of the jaw, head, and neck
  • Extensive patient education that includes oral habits, posture, ergonomics, and sleeping positions
  • Every patient receives a customized treatment plan and exercise program

Jaw pain

Conditions benefiting from PT for TMD

  • Myofascial Pain/Fibromyalgia/Craniomandibular Pain
  • Disc Displacement (with or without reduction)
  • TMJ Pain/Inflammation
  • Limited Mobility
  • Excessive Mobility/Dislocation/Subluxation
  • TMJ Degenerative Joint Disease/Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Associated Cervical Spine Disorders
  • Fractures
  • Post-surgical Rehabilitation
  • Headaches and Vertigo
  • Postural Imbalances