We have several therapists that are certified LSVT BIG® instructors.  LSVT BIG® is an exercise protocol geared specifically for those that suffer from Parkinson's disease. The exercises are designed to override bradykinesia and improve patients' speed and amplitude of movement. Our therapists will work one-on-one with each patient to address their direct needs and functional limitations. Visit the LSVT BIG® website at for more information.


We have several therapists, Sarah Fox, Megan Kremer, Amanda Gunkel, Heather Barry, and Kari Torgerson, that are certified PWR!Moves® instructors. PWR!Moves® is an exercise protocol designed for individuals with Parkinson's disease. PWR!Moves® focuses on improving bradykinesia, along with other common Parkinson's symptoms such as rigidity, poor coordination, flexibility, and cognition. Visit the PWR!Gym® website for more information at

Which works for me?

After your evaluation, let your therapist decide which exercise program is best for you. It is never too early or too late to start an exercise program for Parkinson's. Research has demonstrated functional improvements at all stages of the disease. Your therapist will determine with you which treatment protocol best suits your needs.  Contact us to schedule your evaluation.

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