Biomechanical Running Assessments

Keli St. Clair is a physical therapist at Rehab4Life with a special interest in treating sports injuries. She believes performing a biomechanical evaluation to get to the root cause of dysfunction is the key ingredient to making a successful recovery or preventing future injuries. During the running assessment you can expect the following:

Rehab4Life Physical Therapy | Biomechanical Running Assessments
  • Discussion of past injuries and medical history
  • Treadmill running assessment with video analysis and a copy of CD made for participant
  • Review of current exercise routine and goals
  • Flexibility screen geared towards the running athlete
  • Functional lower body strength assessment
  • Core strength assessment
  • Individual exercise program for flexibility and strength
  • Footwear discussion based on specific foot type

Plan for the session to take 45-60 minutes. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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