Team – Fargo

The medical staff at Rehab4Life is highly trained, licensed and certified. But beyond their credentials, they understand that providing care also requires an open ear and a warm heart. The friendly and professional staff at Rehab4Life is ready to get you back to work, sport, health and life!

  • Roger Stroh, MPT, MSA, CFCE, CEAS
  • Stephanie Stremick, MPT
  • Keli St. Clair, DPT
  • Kari Torgerson, DPT
  • Lindsey Hunt, DPT
  • Lisa Yonker, DPT
  • Heather Barry, DPT
  • Sarah Fox, DPT
  • Stacey Reek, DPT
  • Brittany Person, DPT
  • Joel Bogenreif, PTA
  • Beth Glander, OTR/L
  • Emily Dodd, OTR/L, CLT
  • Sally Ackerman, COTA/L
  • Selena Amaya, Clinic Coordinator
  • Lori Willert, Office Coordinator
  • Tammy Jegtvig, Billing Coordinator
  • Chantal Aberle, Clinic/Patient Coordinator